The Fundamentals of Illustration

“Truly accepted by neither the art establishment nor the design industry, illustration has battled on regardless. Frequently derided as whimsical by artists and as arty by designers, illustration has found itself existing in a no-man’s land between the two.”

An Illustration by well-known illustrator (artist? designer? all three?) Malika Favre.

“In the UK, The Face magazine, then recognised internationally as ‘the style bible,’ employed an illustrator as an art director and the look and feel of the magazine changed almost overnight.”

‘Deconstructing Kylie’ hand-rendered drawing and stencil with digital redrawing and retouching by Miles Donovan.

“This new breed felt empowered rather than hindered — digital natives rather than digital immigrants”

“However, without the power to control the pencil or stylus, the illustrator may be as powerless as the designer that has failed to control typography.”

“-it is no accident of fate that a new generation of illustrators looks towards the handmade and real — more and more new illustrators seek to combine ‘real’ and authentic skills with the digital.”

A pencil illustration by Zoe Barker

“It can encapsulate a mood or a moment, and can tell a story to give a product history, depth and meaning.”

“Taking risks is a necessary aspect of creative thinking as well as image-making itself. The future of an illustrator’s career and the future of the discipline rest on constantly moving forward and exploring new avenues of thinking.”




News and research behind the Malta Community of Illustrators project. Supported by MCAST research

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Malta Community of Illustrators

Malta Community of Illustrators

News and research behind the Malta Community of Illustrators project. Supported by MCAST research

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