Illustration: A Theoretical and Contextual Perspective

Mon Nid — Illustration by Te Fit-Tazza based on a photo by MaltaDoors
An illustration from 7a — Happy Holiday — The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme (The Peter and Jane Books). By William Murray; illustrated by J H Wingfield. Published in 1964.
Edel Rodriguez for TIME magazine, 2018
Paolo from the duo Pam & Paolo Puck — Paolo makes costumes, illustrations & large felt sculptures
Illustration & Embroidery by Ashley Wong
Panels from the original, three-page ‘Maus’ story, appearing in ‘Funny Animals’ (1972).
Tyler Hobbs, Fidenza 313, 2021. Supplied from — Sotheby’s first NFT exhibition in Saudi Arabia via



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Malta Community of Illustrators

Malta Community of Illustrators


News and research behind the Malta Community of Illustrators project. Supported by MCAST research