Art is always a good idea — The MCOI Holiday Gift Catalogue

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4 min readNov 27, 2020

You’ve read all the other blogs and posts about buying local gifts this season, but it’s worth repeating; Small businesses have had a tough year, but that’s not the only reason you should buy art/prints and illustrated goods as a gift. Here’s a quick list of why you should, followed by some shops from our Community.

  1. Uniqueness

When you buy art prints, don’t just pick an online store and buy the most popular stuff, especially if you’re looking for something unique. The best stuff can be found with some research. In fact, there’s nothing better than finding a relatively unknown artist who makes beautiful work. The more unknown, the more unique your piece will tend to be.

2. You just can’t go wrong

There are some gifts that are universally loved. These are typically consumables like chocolates, alcohol, artisan foods, or perhaps living things like flowers and plants. I think we can safely add art to that list. Art doesn’t take up too much space, and if chosen carefully, it doesn’t go out of style and rarely gets thrown away. Of course it helps immensely if you know the giftee’s taste in art.

3. It’s no longer expensive to buy art

You can find all sorts of art prints and artistic objects for a range of prices these days. You can get beautiful prints for a few Euros and you can get limited, archival prints for a bit more, but we are definitely living in the times of affordable art.

4. Value

Not all expensive gifts are valuable, but most quality artwork has value, even though it might not be expensive as other things.

5. You will feel better for it

Buying mass produced items is a bit like eating junk food. It feels good as you’re doing it, but less so after you do. When you buy local and receive a handmade or independent gift, you get this nice warm feeling inside, and so does the seller!

6. You will score points with your friends

“Where did you get that?”

“This amazing local artist” sounds so much better than “Zara”

Are you ready to look at some local illustration work from our members? Prices range from as little as 5 Eu to about 150 Eu. Here we go!

Hand-pulled silk screen prints Limited Edition of 100 by Maltatype, more on:
Museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper by Erica Mallia. More on:
Seeing Malta through a playful eye. Humanizing Maltese culture into cartoon icons! A playful mix of cartoons & Contemporary pop art by Zack Ritchie. More on:
Giclée / Fine Art Printed Digital Illustration Limited Edition by Moira Zahra. More on:
Digital Illustration Printed on Cotton paper Limited Edition by Francesca Grech. More on:
Still life CMYK hand printed screenprint artwork / neon inks / photographic circle print by Alexandra Aquilina. More on:
DIY feminist & pop culture apparel, accessories, jewellery and more by Alexandra Aquilina. More on:
Printed Illustration on Decor Smooth Art 210gsm Limited Edition (Te fit-Tazza X Richard England). More on:
Apparel and quirky, fun Malta-themed gifts for the home. More on:
One-off original drawing on A4 paper featuring beloved and quirky interpretations of monsters from the popular Dungeons and Dragons roleplay games. More by Iella (Daniela Attard) on:
Abstract paintings and fine art prints by Luigi Muscat Filletti. More on:
Pack of 4 A5 prints by Steven Scicluna, inspired by the lush parks of the city of Valencia, printed on 300gsm recycled paper. More on:
Child-oriented prints by Matt Stroud. More on:
Gicclee print on Smooth cotton 300gsm Archival paper — Limited signed & stamped copies of 50 by Christian de Souza Jensen (SeaPuppy) More on:
Highest quality giclee print on 310gsm fine-art paper by Ed Dingli. Choose any three of the Meet the Locals series, Christmas offers available. More on:
Canvas Print (Limited edition of 120) Signed and Numbered by Julinu (Julian Mallia). More on:
Drawings and paintings; works in pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolour, acrylics and the occasional oils by Ruth Schembri. More on:



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